Hot Desking

Ideal short-term solutions

Desk Team are proud to offer hot-desking as just one of our workspace services. If you don’t require your own private office, you can use any of the 50 desks at our facility from £25 per day or £200 per month. Like all our monthly packages, hot-desking at Desk Team is fixed on a 30-day rolling contract, so you are not tied into any long-term agreements or contracts. You are guaranteed a private working desk, reception services and Wi-Fi is available at no extra cost.


Great opportunities

This package is ideal for short-term solutions and presents a great networking opportunity, as you are working in a communal area full of like-minded people. Desks are available from Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 6:30 pm and you are free to come and go as you choose, during these hours.

It couldn’t be more flexible than this…

Everything you need

We understand the things that matter in everyone’s workday – which is why we have tea, coffee and cafe facilities on site. You can stay focused and relaxed as you have everything you need under one roof. Whether you are planning to use our hot-desking scheme for a day or a month, it is practical, affordable and flexible. Get in touch with Desk Team today to book a visit or purchase our packages.


As hot-desking is becoming increasingly popular, we recommend purchasing your workspace in advance to avoid last minute unavailability or disappointment. Desk Team’s prime location in Beckenham enjoys excellent transport links such as trains and buses and has ample parking, so our offices make a practical solution for business people travelling from far and wide.