Serviced Offices vs Home Offices 

Serviced Offices vs Home Offices 

Deciding to take the plunge from working in a home office to working from a serviced office can be a daunting decision.  

 ‘Is it best for me and my business? ‘What are the pros and the cons?’ ‘Will I be losing or saving money?’  

These are probably just some of the questions you have been asking yourself to try to reach any kind of outcome. 

Here at Desk Team, we have listed out the pros and cons of working in a home office vs a serviced office to help make the decision slightly easier for you. 

Home Office pros 

  • No Commute- working from home has one obvious benefit, no travel time. This could give you some much needed extra time in your day to complete tasks you’d normally be pushed on time for. 
  • Comfortable- working from somewhere familiar and comfortable to you could eliminate some of the stress that comes with working in a communal area. 
  • Flexible- choose your own working hours. 
  • No upfront costs

Home office cons 

  • Hidden costs- these could include increased energy bills or adding business insurance to your home. 
  • Distractions- TV’s, pets and children are just some of the factors which could distract you throughout your day leading to a decrease of productivity. 
  • Isolation- working in such an isolated environment could lead to you missing out on social aspects that come with work, as well as networking events. 
  • Work/life balance- it could become difficult to switch off from work at the end of the day if you don’t have to leave an office. Keeping a healthy work/life balance is essential for your wellbeing. 


Serviced office pros 

  • Sense of community- working from a serviced office can be great for feeling a sense of community and networking. Full of people in the same boat as you, it adds a great social aspect to your work day. 
  • Professional environment- it has been proved we are more productive in a professional environment; this is a great way to ensure you are constantly staying on top of your daily work load. 
  • Added services- most serviced offices come with added services including WIFI, mail service, virtual address etc

Serviced office cons 

  • Upfront costs- unlike working from a home office, there is an upfront cost to pay for working from a serviced office 
  • Contracts- At Desk Team, we have 30 day rolling contracts meaning no long-term commitment, however, some serviced offices may require you to sign a contract for 6 or 12 months, which means you are liable for the whole of that period.


Every person works differently and so there is no right or wrong answer as to what will work best for you and your business. If you struggle with productivity at home, then working from a serviced office could be a great solution for you. If you are trying to cut back on expenses, then maybe working from home short-term is the best option.  

At Desk Team, we offer flexible, affordable workspaces from virtual offices, hot desks and lockable offices, all on 30-day rolling contracts. If you are interested or want to look around our Beckenham offices, contact us today.